Rural Colours - Best info about it!
17th Nov 21

In the era of globalization, many people have been uprooted from their homes and moved to a different geographical location. The impact of these transitions on the cultural identity is often devastating. In order to maintain a sense of belonging in a new place, migrants have taken up new cultural practices in an attempt to […]

17th Nov 21

Colours take on a few different meanings in the rural context. They are used to decorate the environment (their walls, their clothes, their temples), they are used to make natural resources (fruit or vegetables) look more attractive and thus fetch a higher price, and they also represent an integral part of many puja rituals. The […]

17th Nov 21

The colour scheme of rural spaces is usually more natural, with hues like green, brown, and grey. The hues are often similar to the earth’s surface or the sky. — Introduction: Rural colours are the colours of the countryside which are not found in urban areas. Countryside is usually characterized by green pastures with brown […]


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