Beginner Guitar Songs That Are Easy and Fun to Play

When you hear names like Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, the Rolling stones what is the first thought that dominates your mind? You must be thinking that their music is classy and timeless. The rhythm and the effect it has is overwhelming.

You can’t stop swaying your body, you will be screaming the names of the musicians and the adrenalin rush is worth talking about. Music has diverse effects on different people. Playing the guitar needs oodles of talent and lots of patience. You need synchronization of the eyes, fingers and ears that would produce a rhythm divine. Incessant practice sessions will make your music sound crisp and refined.

Passion for music is one of the most important characteristic that will make you a successful guitarist. The beginners should explore the musical instrument so it helps them learn, read and comprehensively understand the guitar literature. Rhythm is aural and it should be listened in a very careful manner. You should have the basic idea surrounding barre chords so that you can play easy songs on the guitar.

Banana Pancakes is a fairly easy number that can be played on the guitar. The musical connotation of the song is such that string G is the main chord that will be used in this song. The tempo ranges between 110-120 beats in a minute. You may have to begin by striking the chords G7 and Am7. After this D7 chord can be used to change the mood and tempo of the song. The verses of the song involve a harmonious blend of different chords that needs to be played in an effective and synchronized manner. The usage of C7, D7, G7 and Am7 will define the lyrics of the song. There will be unison of 2 beats and the chorus will follow a similar pattern. The number called comfortably numb by Pink Floyd is an easy song that can be played by beginners. This is an emotionally charging song that has millions of fans swooning and swaying as the music and lyrics are beautiful.

Changing chords is difficult to master. The alteration between cross -picking pattern and strumming can take a toll on the music and the beats emitted by the instrument. The deviation between 2 chords should be done in a crisp and refined manner so that the rhythm is not affected. This task is very difficult for the beginners. The song is pretty easy on the strings of the guitar. Ample use of strings A, G and D makes the sound song fantastic.

The slow and steady progression of chords makes the crowd ecstatic with its distinctive type of music and euphoric sounds. This song will require the guitarist to involve major strumming of the strings. Last but not the least there many songs that are quite easy to play on the jazz guitar. The impact it leaves on the audience will depend on the sound and tempo that is created by the music being played.

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