Learn Guitar Chords – A Guide for Beginners

One of the most fascinating hobbies pursued by people all over the world is music. One of the most eminent and fashionable instrument played by leading musicians is the guitar. You can look very glamorous with a guitar, the fingers strumming the strings and the fans shouting for more. The music, passion to excel and swaying of the crowds makes the pioneers of the music industry play much better and entertain the audiences to the hilt.

Learning the guitar is easy but mastering the sought after musical instrument is a challenging task. You should be well acquainted with the guitar before learning it. A systematic and a methodical manner need to be followed in order to learn the chords of the guitar.

You must concentrate and focus on the fact that there are different kinds of chords. Like every other musical instrument the guitar has its personal musical literature and that makes its music unique and fantastic. The three primary guitar chords are the major chords, minor chords and dominant 7th chord. These three chords should be learnt as all the popular and favorite numbers will require the usage of these three chords. The amendment of these 3 chords leads to the creation of diverse other chords that create music that is magical and ecstatic. The synchronization of the major, minor and the dominant 7th chord will enable you to build a very strong edifice. You can keep enhancing your vocabulary by incessantly learning and updating your knowledge about chords.

There are only twelve keys that are used to write the songs. The melody, lyrics and the rhythm of the song is dominated by the usage of keys. The key is verified by the scale. All beginners should know that there are two minor chords namely Am and Em. These two are very easy to play and so is the major chord C. All these three chords can be played by the same finger and hence newbie’s find this easy and simple. These chords should be first introduced to the students so that they easily learn to play and master these chords. The confidence and morale will be boosted if the beginners can easily pick up the musical language. Starting off with difficult chords may fracture their enthusiasm and passion for learning the guitar.

As students you may have discovered that minor chords produce melancholic music and rhythm while major chords on the other hand produce euphoric sound. Most of the songs finish with the generous use of the 7th dominant chord as it brings uniformity and resolution to the song. The song sounds complete and resonant because of this.

As a student you should be able to discriminate between the major minor and the 7th dominant chords. This will test your knowledge in a comprehensive way. The key to learn and perform well is to continuously upgrade your knowledge and religiously practice with the guitar.

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